Why You Can Trust AJF to Protect Your Boat

Click & Watch why you can trust AJF Bolt On Fenders to protect your boat


For those who don’t understand how our fenders work, check out the above footage showing the boat coming into the pontoon. Watch as the wind picks up and pushes the boat into the corner of the pontoon. Look familiar, happen to you?? Luckily our fenders (AJF Bolt On Fender) were in place as it saves the boat from considerable damage & the boat owner lots of money repairing the damage!!

Australian Jetty Fenders – ultimate in collision protection.

After watching the footage, can you afford not to have an AJF on your pontoon or marina?

If the answer is no, call or email us now and ask how we can protect your boat from any further or unexpected damage. 

Safe Mooring with AJF.