Why Pay Retail??

Are you paying massive mark up prices on your marina fenders & pontoon fenders?

If you purchase from Australian Jetty Fenders, you are buying straight from the manufacturer.  AJF have the largest range of marina fenders & boat fenders available on the marine market.  AJF designs & manufacturers all the fenders here in Australia.  We are the orginal designer & manufacturer of the D-Fender. If it is not AJF it is an inferior COPY.  Since then we now have many other marine fenders.  Eg, Bolt on Fenders, inflatable fenders, corner cap fenders &  DIY marina fenders, pontoon fenders & dock fenders. 

Our fenders are suitable for all marina and pontoon systems, eg,  Bellingham marina, The Jetty Specialists, Pacific Pontoon & Pier, Superior Jetties & the Poralu marina system.

If you need a special order, we can design a custom fenders to suit your needs.  For example, Tenderboat fenders, seapen fenders, post fenders etc.

For all your marine solutions why would you go anywhere but AJF, why pay retail when you can buy wholesale for our professional fendering systems.

Delivery:  World wide. 

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