Hamilton Island Marina

Australian Jetty Fenders supply fenders & marine accessories all over Australia.  This week, we provided Riviera Syndication with their O-Series Fenders,  AJF Rope Holders &  Rope Protectors for their marina berth @ Hamilton Island Marina. 

AJF are approved to provide fenders & marine accessories to Hamilton Island Marina.  All fenders must be closed cell foam when ordering for Hamilton Island Marina.  Therefore, the following fenders are suitable: AJF D-Series Bellingham Fenders & AJF O-Series Bellingham Fenders.

Transporting fenders to Hamilton Island Marina is easy, allow a couple of days from the Gold Coast.  We provide full fitting instructions with every fender  order.  And of course, we can fit the fenders for you if needed.  Additional costs will occur.

When ordering for Hamilton Island

1. AJF Bellingham Fenders

2. Choose D-Series or O-Series

3. Size, colour & quantity

4. Carpet cover – optional

5. Pay by direct deposit/paypal

6. Once ordered,  transport is worked out

7. Fender is transported to Hamilton Island Marina.

You can be assured that you have quality fendering that you can trust.


Happy Boating!!