D Fender

Australian Jetty Fenders are the original designers & manufacturers of the D Fender.   AJF revolutionised the fixed fendering industry with the D Fender.

The D Fender is easy to install.  Its simple but practical D Shape profile fits perfectly with most marinas. It is made of lightweight, high impact closed cell foam, using quality PVC vinyl that is non marking , colourfast & UV stabilised.  Our D Fenders are attached by sailtrack top and bottom.  Being the designers of the D Fender,  we know what works!!  The D Fender comes in 3 different sizes: 1.2mtrs, 1.6mtrs & 2.4 mtrs.  Easy to transport worldwide.

Our D Fenders start from $110.  It is a cost effective way to protect your boat against accidents and untimely weather elements. It is made with the highest quality materials making your marina berth aesthetically appealing and uniformed.

For all your marine solutions, you can trust AJF, as we didnt just stop at the D Fender. We have  designed, tested & manufacture many other marine fender systems.  Eg , AJF Bellingham Fenders, Bolt on Fenders, AJF inflatable fenders.  At AJF we are constantly developing new products for the marine industry.

Note: Beware as there are many inferior copies of our D Fender in the marine marketplace today.